Financing a home is one of the largest investments most of us will make in our lifetime.  Shopping for a lender, type of loan, interest rates, terms & conditions and on and on - can become a bit overwelming particularly for first time Buyers. 

I strongly encourage all of my Clients to carefully research their options before making a financing decision.  Your research should include several lenders and Mortgage Brokers.

A traditional Loan Officer working for a mortgage lender or bank can only offer the programs, rates and terms offered by that specific institution.  Mortgage Brokers work with a variety of banks and lenders seeking the best financing options and terms available to meet your home financing needs.  Often, a Mortgage Broker can find a lender with rates and terms more favorable to you the Buyer.

I recommend including Kris Martino, President, Floor Rate Mortgages in your financing research.

Why Floor Rate Mortgages, LLC?

When choosing a lender, it is important to understand what that lender can do for you. 

When you choose Floor Rate Mortgages, LLC, you are getting several benefits. 

First, you are getting a local, experienced lender that will be here for you before; during and after you close your loan.  You can walk right into my office anytime with questions or concerns you may have even after you close your loan. 

Second, you are working directly with the owner of the company so there are no middle men that need to be paid thus reducing costs to you. 

Next, you are getting both a Mortgage Broker and a Mortgage Banker.  As a Mortgage Banker, you are getting rewarded with the lowest rates possible for those who have excellent credit and consistent income because I can fund your loan using my own money. 

As a Mortgage Broker, I am still able to help everyone who doesn’t quite fit into the box of standard lending as I still have the ability to find a good home for your loan with hundreds of other banks.  When using the Mortgage Broker option, there are no additional fees for my services and therefore you still get a low rate with low costs or no cost. 

Finally, we operate on a Customer First business model.  That means that we always answer the phones, return emails and guarantee that you are a happy customer from start to finish. 

Try us one time and you will be a customer for life!